Fire Damage Photo Gallery

burned kitchen caused by kitchen stove

Kitchen Fire in Montgomery

A residential home caught fire in Montgomery due to a kitchen stove. The homeowner fell asleep while she was cooking. Thankfully the fire was contained to just the kitchen, living room and the hallway. Our crews moved in quickly to remove all of the damage and begin the remediation on the property. We also cleaned the ducts for this home as well to ensure the air would be healthy.

gasoline covered carpet and burned pews

First Baptist Church in Downtown, Montgomery

In October 2021, we received a notification that someone had intentionally set fire to the Historic First Baptist Church in Downtown Montgomery. Our crews were on site immediately working to restore this building to its original state. Fortunately, the church has fire retardant carpet, so the fire damage was mainly severe soot that spread throughout the building. Our crews have been working tirelessly cleaning and repairing every surface area, nook & cranny. We hope to be able to have First Baptist Church fully restored within the next few months.

Fire Damage – Chisolm Home

Fire damage at this Chisolm home left soot and smoke residue on the ceiling of the room the fire had occurred in. SERVPRO of Montgomery industry certified technicians would use sponges and special cleaners to wipe down the ceiling removing the smoke deposits. This would eliminate the need to tear down the ceiling and replace it, thus saving time and money for our client.

Highland Gardens Fire Damaged Structure

An electrical short in a washing machine can start a flare-up in a Highland Gardens property in a flash. SERVPRO can arrive quickly, clean up the mess and then deal with the lingering odor. During the cleaning, a hydroxyl generator can neutralize the odors.

Highland Gardens Fire Damaged Bedroom

The electrical fire charred the wall and damaged the flooring and the mattress in this Hillwood Club home. SERVPRO can send out a team to clean up the debris, then the task, and a large one, of removing the smoke odors remains.

Chisholm Bedroom Fire Damage

The smoker no regrets smoking in the bedroom of this Chisholm home. The initial step in the fire damage restoration was a demolition of some wall panels and then a cleanup. The room was isolated from the rest of the house with poly sheeting to prevent the circulation of odors and burnt particles.

Fire Damage – Montgomery Kitchen

Fire damage occurred at this Montgomery kitchen when there was an electrical short within the walls. The fire that resulted got quickly out of control. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and they tore out a section of wall to assure that the fire had been totally subdued. That left us with a little more reconstruction to make it "Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage – Montgomery Home

Fire damage at a Montgomery home created a substantial amount of soot and smoke damage requiring SERVPRO of Montgomery North to pack up the contents of the home and transport them to our warehouse for restoration and storage.

Fire Damaged Bedroom in Chisholm

Smoking in bed is never a good idea. We completed the demolition that the fire started before we could complete the restoration and rebuild of the walls, floor, and ceiling. There was also a lot of smoke deodorizing and wipe down to finish the service.

Fire Damage - Montgomery House

Fire Damage often leads to more soot and smoke damage cleanup than actual fire cleanup. This photo shows the abundance of soot and smoke that needed to be cleaned up as a result of a small fire in this Montgomery home.