What our Customers say...


I think you did a very nice job. The people who came here were nice and friendly. We were all trying to stay out of each others way, and they worked very well around my family with special needs. I thought that was very professional of them.        


Thanks SERVPRO for your great work. We had a pipe break in my fathers house and they cleaned it right up . Great Job!

Can't thank you enough for the quality, professional work that your team did on water damage in our home. Thanks again.

This team was awesome! They went over everything and answered all of my questions. They showed up when they said they would and made sure the job was done correctly and professionally.   

All the smelly, nasty gunk and water is gone after a pipe backed up, and the walls and floor are clean and dry. Thanks.

Your truck mounted equipment means instant results after our home flooded from a storm! Just delighted.

Thank goodness only a small part of my mantle needed to be replaced. The whole room looked burned but came to life once you cleaned and deodorized.

When the AC went out during the hottest months I was expecting heat but not mold. I was horrified at the colonies that grew so quickly. Thanks for helping with our mold problem.

Knowing the water damage was going to be handled by a local firm was a plus for me. I didn’t need to deal with a company miles away. I like the personal touch.

I have so much gratitude and respect for your company. You handled everything and worked endlessly with my insurance company.

We just installed the carpet last summer and I was sure it was ruined after our fish tank broke. After the work done by your crew it looks just like new.

I was amazed how quickly the workers took care of the mold in my home. 

I was so relieved to find a water damage restoration company open on the weekend. I can start putting my life back together much quicker than I thought.

The faucet in my cafe sprayed water everywhere. I had no idea how to turn off the water! SERVPRO workers got rid of the water and dried out all areas. AND they showed me where to shut water off under the sink in case it happens again.

Friends told me to use SERVPRO. Best advice I have ever gotten. Mold gone and plenty of tips on how to keep it that way.

The commercial grade equipment from SERVPRO got rid of the water and dried everything out way faster than I could have believed.

So much soapy water after my towel washer flooded! They knew just what to do.

Thank you for solving the mold problem in my home. I appreciate that SERVPRO gave us tips on how to avoid problems in the future.

After a fire in the hotels sauna SERVPRO got things under control fast. We were able to welcome our guests without a hitch.

Teresa gave us the highest potential ratings in 8 of 9 categories, and next to the highest score in 1 category. She gave a compliment to one of our employees: "Kerry Brooks with SERVPRO was professional every time I spoke to him." She also thanked Kerry in the survey: "Thank you, Mr. Brooks."

After the recent flood, I thought our office building was a lost cause. For the first time in my life, I’m happy to be proven wrong. Your SERVPRO team was amazing. We are back in business thanks to you.

My previous home suffered water damage and I used a different company. It was a complete mess. I really thank everyone at SERVPRO for being true professionals who were able to make the necessary repairs in a timely manner. I wouldn’t dream of calling anyone else if this situation occurs again.

When I saw my home for the first time after the fire, I was completely overwhelmed. When I saw it several weeks later after your crew repaired all the damage, I was overwhelmed again. This time with happiness! Thanks, SERVPRO.

As a house flipper, I often purchase properties that are harboring mold. This is my go-to company anytime I stumble upon it. Thanks SERVPRO.

You would never know that just 2 months ago a fire tore through my Montgomery home. I can’t thank you enough for giving me my home back after the fire. Your crew does great work.

Super job getting rid of mold damage in my foyer. Years of harsh winters and low-quality building materials left us with a lot of mold. Thank you so much for your efforts!

Floods in Montgomery completely consumed my deck. I thought we would never use that space again. Thanks to your company, we use it almost every day!

After the fire, your team put my Lake Martin home and my life, back together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our family appreciates all that you did.

What a great company! Experts in Halcyon water damage restoration! I will never trust another company as long as I can call on these pros!

When water damage nearly forced us out of our Lagoon Park home, you guys were there to help us get our lives back together and keep our house. Thanks so much, SERVPRO.

Such a fantastic company to work with! They remained professional through the whole process of cleaning up our fire damage, but were friendly at the same time.

I did not realize how bad our water problem had become, but your company was able to handle it, clean it up and restore our home back to its original state. I am so grateful.

You don’t want to experience flooding of any kind, but if you do, turn to these guys for help right away. They can cleanup and repair any damages quickly and professionally.

I was so shocked at all the damage even the small fire we had left behind. Even so, your technicians were able to clean it up and restore our home to its state before the fire.