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man extracting water from all over the floor

Commercial Water Damage

This particular job was caused by a busted water line causing water to spread throughout almost the entire building. Our crews worked to extract the standing water and dry all of the affected surfaces quickly. Our goal here at SERVPRO of Montgomery is to always make it "Like it never even happened."

burned kitchen caused by kitchen stove

Kitchen Fire in Montgomery

A residential home caught fire in Montgomery due to a kitchen stove. The homeowner fell asleep while she was cooking. Thankfully the fire was contained to just the kitchen, living room and the hallway. Our crews moved in quickly to remove all of the damage and begin the remediation on the property. We also cleaned the ducts for this home as well to ensure the air would be healthy.

gasoline covered carpet and burned pews

First Baptist Church in Downtown, Montgomery

In October 2021, we received a notification that someone had intentionally set fire to the Historic First Baptist Church in Downtown Montgomery. Our crews were on site immediately working to restore this building to its original state. Fortunately, the church has fire retardant carpet, so the fire damage was mainly severe soot that spread throughout the building. Our crews have been working tirelessly cleaning and repairing every surface area, nook & cranny. We hope to be able to have First Baptist Church fully restored within the next few months.

Water Damage In Chisholm

Water damage can quickly destroy your home in Chisholm. Good news is our crew is ready 24/7 to help! Our professionals have training in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, applied microbial remediation, applied structural drying, and odor control. SERVPRO of Montgomery has the experience and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage – Chisolm Home

Fire damage at this Chisolm home left soot and smoke residue on the ceiling of the room the fire had occurred in. SERVPRO of Montgomery industry certified technicians would use sponges and special cleaners to wipe down the ceiling removing the smoke deposits. This would eliminate the need to tear down the ceiling and replace it, thus saving time and money for our client.

Commercial Montgomery Building Restoration

During Montgomery area commercial building restoration services, the Green Fleet, including towed-in power sources, is Why property management companies rely on SERVPRO. No job is to big or too small, not even your home. Ready to help 24/7.

Water Damaged Apartment In Montgomery

When your Montgomery apartment experiences a water damage emergency, you need to call the professionals at SERVPRO immediately. Our water damage technicians are standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. We are IICRC certified in water restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses. We have the equipment and water damage experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration In Montgomery

We responded to a call regarding a commercial fire damage emergency in Montgomery. A fire damaged this 100,000 sq. ft. commercial facility. There was also smoke and soot damage that our team needed to clean. We used multiple cleaning methods that included HEPA vacuum, wet wiping, and dry sponge. We were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. Call our team when your commercial property experiences a fire! “Like it never even happened.”

Highland Gardens Fire Damaged Structure

An electrical short in a washing machine can start a flare-up in a Highland Gardens property in a flash. SERVPRO can arrive quickly, clean up the mess and then deal with the lingering odor. During the cleaning, a hydroxyl generator can neutralize the odors.

Commercial Water Restoration Services In Montgomery Area

Our SERVPRO team recently provided restoration services to the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids building. The property suffered water damage after a small fire caused the sprinklers to activate. With a fast response from our experienced crew, we quickly restored the building so that families can go back to enjoying INK. We have the training and equipment to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies in the Montgomery area.

Storm Flooded Structure--Chisholm

The stormwaters carried along muddy debris along with unwanted moisture into this commercial building in Chisholm. Even with tiles floors (with grouting) and block walls, seepage of contaminated water can cause present and future water and mold-related problems. Call SERVPRO to restore order, "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation In Chisholm

SERVPRO of Montgomery North knows how to eradicate your mold infestation. All of our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification in mold remediation. Our state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment can restore your property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Montgomery North is available 24/7, locally owned and operated, and Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Apartment Commercial Water Loss Sketch

This sketch was completed by our estimator, Jessica Barnes. It shows a 5,000 sq. ft. apartment complex that experienced a substantial water loss. The sketch provides the level of skill and quality of work we provide to our customers. SERVPRO of Montgomery North has the equipment and experience to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies. Our local team will respond quickly to minimize the damage and manage the restoration project through to its completion. Our team includes Water Damage Restoration Technicians as well as Applied Structural Drying Technicians.

Storm Damage In Highland Gardens

Storm damage can be stressful for many homeowners. No need to worry SERVPRO has you covered! Our experts have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to handle any size disaster. We are committed to responding quickly and will initiate the restoration process immediately. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Our SERVPRO Of Montgomery North Large Loss Team Responds Quickly To Fire Damage

A fabrication shop in Greenville, NC suffered significant fire damage and is considered a Large Loss project. SERVPRO of Montgomery North's Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our elite large-loss specialists. These specialists are pre-qualified and strategically placed throughout the United States to tackle any size disaster. Our crew of specialists has the training and expertise to restore this property to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Restoration In Highland Gardens

Damage to your commercial property can be devastating. Our team at SERVPRO are trusted leaders in the restoration industry and have the expertise and equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We provide our customers with 24-hour emergency service. SERVPRO is your best option because there are no substitutes for knowledge and training. Our team will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Incident In Chisholm

Leaks can happen on your property at any time, so it is a good idea to have the number of a professional restoration company on hand. SERVPRO has the equipment and training to handle any size water damage incident you may have on your property. Our technicians will answer any question you might have and will walk you through each step of the restoration process. We are dedicated to making it “Like it never even happened.”

Highland Gardens Fire Damaged Bedroom

The electrical fire charred the wall and damaged the flooring and the mattress in this Hillwood Club home. SERVPRO can send out a team to clean up the debris, then the task, and a large one, of removing the smoke odors remains.

Mold Growth In Chisholm

Finding mold in your house can be overwhelming. One phone call to SERVPRO of Montgomery North can solve that problem. We have specialized equipment and highly trained professionals to take care of the mold infestation that is plaguing your home. We will have your property restored to pre-damage condition quickly and efficiently. We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage Cleanup In Montgomery

Dealing with storm damage can be a difficult task. SERVPRO is ready to help you restore your property to pre-storm damage condition. Our professionals are available 24/7 and have the equipment needed to handle size disaster. Our storm damage cleanup and restoration process puts an emphasis on progress monitoring, documentation, and scientific drying techniques. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Commercial Damage In Chisholm

When dealing with commercial damage to your property, it can present some unique challenges. Our team at SERVPRO has the training and equipment to take on these challenges. Our technicians will restore your property and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Ceiling and Water Damage in HIghland Gardens

The hanging ceiling collapsed from the weight of the water that leaked through the roof. Careful disposal of the damaged material and then drying out the void was crucial to prevent rot and mold infestations from occurring.

Mold Damage – Montgomery

Mold damage in Montgomery residential and commercial properties owners have access to the latest technology available in mold damage remediation when they choose SERVPRO of Montgomery to service their mold disasters. Shown in the photo is a dehumidifier console which aids in drying contents and the air when mold colonies are being cleaned up.

Chisholm Bedroom Fire Damage

The smoker no regrets smoking in the bedroom of this Chisholm home. The initial step in the fire damage restoration was a demolition of some wall panels and then a cleanup. The room was isolated from the rest of the house with poly sheeting to prevent the circulation of odors and burnt particles.

Storm Damage – Montgomery Motel

Storm damage was suffered by several rooms at this Montgomery motel. SERVPRO of Montgomery North was called in to clean up the wate3r and remediate the related damages due to their extensive experience and the amount of equipment they had available to commit to the project. The motel owner was interested in a quick but professional turnaround to this project.

Montgomery Mold Infestation in a Restroom

The tiles after being removed revealed an extensive mold infestation caused by a leaking water line. The moisture encouraged the nasty growth shown on the walls. SERVPRO removed the fungi along with the damaged wall material, sprayed with an antimicrobial, and rebuilt the sink area. Count on us for a complete mold remediation service.

Garden District Water Problem

The water saturated this carpet in the hallway of a home in the Garden District. A remodel was underway when a pipe was hit, and it ruptured. We quickly got to work to suction up the water from the carpet and salvaged it and the padding from further water damage.

Fire Damage – Montgomery Kitchen

Fire damage occurred at this Montgomery kitchen when there was an electrical short within the walls. The fire that resulted got quickly out of control. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and they tore out a section of wall to assure that the fire had been totally subdued. That left us with a little more reconstruction to make it "Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage - Montgomery

Storm damage in Montgomery can reach large-scale proportions. SERVPRO has strategically located Disaster Recovery Teams prepped and ready to respond on a moments notice. Pictured is a tractor trailer loaded with restoration equipment.

Chisholm Mold Problem in a Ceiling and Room

The visible mold damage on the wall and ceiling of this Chisholm home was caused by a condensation buildup in the attic. SERVPRO can scrape off the patches and apply a microbial product to exterminate the fungi and inhibit mold spore new growth. The attic may require addition insulation to present moisture from creating future mold problems.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Raleigh

Our SERVPRO of Montgomery North fire & smoke restoration team is busy working on the cleanup at this high rise building in downtown Raleigh. As pictured in the photo, safety first, as our crew dons PPE--personal protection equipment--during the efforts to restore this corridor to its pre-loss condition. Fire damage, residential or commercial, large or small, you can count on us to make it "Like it never even happened."

Another Happy Customer

The SERVPRO of Montgomery team is dedicated to making our customers happy. We work hard to earn a great reputation in the Montgomery area. We were very happy to receive a testimonial note from a happy customer.  The note includes … ‘Thank you. Forever grateful for your kindness and caring’. ‘All work was done with a smile and caring I cant describe’. We always appreciate the kind words. Our team is close by and ready to help when you need water, fire or mold restoration services.

Team Work in Raleigh, NC

Bruce Bowen, co-owner of SERVPRO Montgomery works to make sure the labor stays hydrated on a muggy day in Raleigh NC.  SERVPRO of Montgomery helps commercial customers recover quickly from water, fire, smoke, mold and storm damage. When an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need.

Fire Damage – Montgomery Home

Fire damage at a Montgomery home created a substantial amount of soot and smoke damage requiring SERVPRO of Montgomery North to pack up the contents of the home and transport them to our warehouse for restoration and storage.

Commercial Water Damage – Montgomery

Commercial water damage occurred at this Montgomery retail facility when heavy rains came through a serious roof leak. SERVPRO was brought in to clean up the water and mitigate the related damages.

Fire Damaged Bedroom in Chisholm

Smoking in bed is never a good idea. We completed the demolition that the fire started before we could complete the restoration and rebuild of the walls, floor, and ceiling. There was also a lot of smoke deodorizing and wipe down to finish the service.

Mold Damage – Montgomery Condominium

Mold damage was suffered by this Montgomery condo due to a roof leak which spawned mold in between the wall pictured above. It is routine for SERVPRO of Montgomery North to build a containment area before remediation begins. This photo is a good example.

Highland Park Unwanted Water Damage

The water line ruptured, and the water was absorbed into the waffle utility door staining it and wetting the carpet in the hallway. We suctioned up the moisture from the flooring material and used a heated air mover to dry out the doors.

Commercial Flooding and Water Damage in Montgomery

Sandbags helped keep the storm waters at bay for the most part. Our SERVPRO  technicians set up pumping equipment to remove the water not allowing any appreciable depth that would wick into the walls. The tile flooring held up well, so the proactive water extraction mitigated material losses to this Montgomery store. Rely on us during commercial water damage emergencies. 

Fire Damage - Montgomery House

Fire Damage often leads to more soot and smoke damage cleanup than actual fire cleanup. This photo shows the abundance of soot and smoke that needed to be cleaned up as a result of a small fire in this Montgomery home.

Water Damage – Centennial Hill Home

Water damage to this Centennial Hill Home occurred when there was a major sewage system backup. SERVPRO of Montgomery North was called by the owner and their insurance adjuster to perform emergency clean up. If you encounter water damage in the form of dirty sewer water, call SERVPRO of Montgomery North 24/7 at (334) 273-0992.

SERVPRO Helps the Houston Flood Victims

The "Help Houston" call was immediately answered by SERVPRO of Montgomery North. The floodwaters, after receding, left a wet mess behind. This bedroom, through the hard work of Lamare Rudoph, an experienced crew chief from 2013, was demolished. He is a fully certified IICRC Water Remediation Technician (WRT.) He "gutted" the water contaminated drywall and removed the water-logged carpeting before setting up our drying devices. He also ensured the health needs of the displaced family by carefully sanitizing all water damaged areas. We appreciate the fine work and willingness on Lamare's part to help these people in their hour of need.

Houston's Call for Help is Answered by SERVPRO

The Flooding in Houston, a 1-in-200 year event, required instant action to mitigate property loss. SERVPRO of Montgomery North was proud to help by dispatching a full crew, vehicles, and equipment to assist in the emergency water removal efforts. Dederic Tyson has been a team member for over three years and is a certified technician for FSRT (fire & smoke remediation tech) and WRT (water remediation tech.) Being a Crew Chief, he spearheaded the water extracting, and the discarding of contaminated water saturated items. This room has been prepped for drying. Thanks to his efforts, and the entire crew that trekked down to Houston to help out, we proudly can start the journey home, knowing we have helped many victims to recover their homes and precious, personal possessions.

Mold Damage – Lake Martin House

Mold Damage occurred in this Lake Martin house in the guest bathroom from a toilet supply line leak. Unfortunately, the owners were out of town allowing the mold a week to grow and the damage to become quite extensive. If you encounter mold damage, call SERVPRO of Montgomery North 24/7 at (334) 273-0992.