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Montgomery Home and Blood Cleanup

8/5/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Clean and Sanitize Blood Spills in Montgomery Properties

Biohazardous Clean Ups By SERVPRO Means Good Results

A biohazard spill often involves some type of bodily fluid. In private homes, this usually means a blood spill. There are certain risks when it comes to restoring a home after an incident with blood happens, and they need to seriously considered before cleanup efforts begin.
Residents should not attempt to clean up a blood spill in their Montgomery home. Even without the emotional component, there is the risk of disease and other pathogens in even a small amount of blood. SERVPRO understands both elements and how to deal with them when developing a restoration plan.
Cleaning and removing blood and blood stains require chemical cleaners designed to neutralize the pathogens in them. Infectious diseases found in blood spills and splatters include Hepatitis A, B, and C, as well as HIV and many others. To ensure we do this properly, our technicians utilize anti-bacterial cleaners we keep on-hand.
The anti-bacterial cleaners are necessary since blood does not respond to conventional cleaners like dirt or soot. Conventional agents do not always clean blood completely and even when they do, there is often, a stain remaining at the spill point. Leaving a visible mark is not something we accept; if we cannot remove the entire mark, our technicians can repaint the affected area or remove the stained structural property (i.e. wall board and trim) and replace it.
We realize that there is a story behind each spill and do everything we can to respect a resident’s privacy. Our team members are instructed to never speak to the neighbors or the local newspapers and TV stations, and any questions we ask are unique to the restoration process. If we do not know the answer, then we cannot accidentally say something to the wrong person. We are empathetic and fully appreciate the need for discretion. We are here to help.
Restoring your home after any disaster is difficult. Cleaning up a blood spill is one of the more difficult tasks we face, but SERVPRO of Montgomery is here to help. We want to return your home to its original state so that you can move forward when the time is right for you. Call us today at (334) 273-0992 to schedule an inspection and get started.

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Expert Help Dealing With Blood Cleanup In Your Montgomery Area Home

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Trust SERVPRO for Safe and Sympathetic Blood Clean Up in Montgomery

Biohazardous Remediation Requires Professional Efficiency

The standards and practices that deal with handling blood spills on your property were designed to protect you, your family, and the public from the possible spread of infectious diseases. Even if you know the person who was injured, you should always take the opportunity to reduce the risk of infection by seeking professional help.
Having someone injured or an accident occur on your Montgomery area property where blood cleanup becomes necessary can cause serious infection. Anyone taking on the task of cleaning blood or other bodily fluids and tissues should always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment PPE, this includes eyewear to protect your eyes, disposable gloves, shoe protection, and a gown of some sort to prevent contact.
As a property owner, you may come face to face with a variety of situations where you simply are not informed enough to handle an incident on your own. A professional restoration company, like SERVPRO, can provide you with expertly trained technicians who understand which precautions to take to prevent additional harm when addressing blood. This also keeps you out of potential harm's way.
SERVPRO technicians have experience in dealing with rental situations that involve cleaning up drug houses, where disposal of needles, razors, or other sharps becomes necessary. We always dispose of sharps materials using a puncture-proof container and the appropriate waste disposal method, it is our goal to prevent the unknown, so we never take any chances and neither should you.
With a staff of highly-trained professionals on your side, SERVPRO provides you with the ability to clean all blood soaked materials and surfaces found in your home. Our cleaning technicians understand how to avoid splashing or spraying during the cleanup process, use industrial-grade disinfectants, and ventilate the area properly to help prevent airborne pathogens. We can isolate and create physical barriers for additional protection from cross-contamination.
Dealing with any incident on your property involving blood or other bodily fluids is extremely important, it is far from something that you want to leave to chance. If you want to protect everyone involved and prevent safety issues that you might not even think of on your own. Please bear in mind, that we respect your privacy and will always be courteous while treating your home.
Contact SERVPRO of Montgomery for the help you deserve, today. (334) 273-0992

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